1000 VASES

1000 VASES (France)

MINI Vases


The display of 1000 crafts vases, each one more inventive than the other, was a big hit at the 2021 September edition. The event doubles with the introduction of a mini format for the 2022 edition always curated by Francesco Pirrello. For 2022 Design Week, 1000 VASES features a selection of 150 MINI VASES in an out-of-the-ordinary exhibition. The artworks – each piece is unique, produced by hundreds of independent designers from over 40 countries around the world – demonstrate how fantasy can work endlessly on a single subject, and how beauty can take the most varied forms through different techniques and materials in an extraordinary journey around the world united by the design of a small yet fundamental object. The collection of a large number of vases allows the quantity and diversity of objects to speak for themselves, through a simple and harmonious scenography that enhances their originality: tribal, minimal, pop, sculptural, elementary, complicated, sophisticated, purist, fun, sinuous, geometric and irregular forms, amaze visitors.

All exhibited pieces are available for sale.