On Superdesign Show, a bookshop with books, design objects and art works by SKIRA.


All the latest books on art, fashion and design, plus an outlet area where you can find unobtainable issues and rarities. But also small objects, refined souvenirs, multiple and little sculptures at the Bookshop by Skira.

Skira is one of the leading names in Italy in the management of museum bookshops and socalled additional services. The bookshops managed by Skira on the Italian art circuit – be they permanent or intended only to accompany major events – are not simple outlets for the publisher; rather they are structured and organised as bona fide specialist bookshops, featuring an impressive range of works from Italian and international publishers, as well as a wide range of merchandising products, both specially made and selected from those on offer at the world’s major museums. Skira’s input encompasses dozens of bookshops designed and managed every year, as well as permanent bookshops at key sites on the Italian museum and art circuit.