Budbrand (Japan)


Japanese creators sending their “outside the box” designs to the world! Sending Japanese designs to the world and being able to experience world designs in person. Budbrand is the project which will allow this to happen for the next generation of budding Japanese creators. The stimulation and new world outlook they gain will surely influence the future of Japanese design culture. Budbrand hopes those who participate can learn from this experience of being on the world stage and each bud will bloom forth as a beautiful flower. Our goal is to work towards a better tomorrow.


The object theme of this year is related to “congratulations” to be enjoy and enriches someone’s heart. In our lives, there are a lot of events about “congratulations”, which are little things to important things for life. A product which is presence making celebration to be brilliant. A gift with a feeling of pleasure and congratulations. A product which can be expressed the someone’s celebration.