Daard (Italy)


DAARD is a creative project. An open platform that embodies a modern, unconventional soul. From this hub between innovation, design and the best Italian hand-made, iby6 was born. A concept that has already been lauded with the IF Design Award, iby6 reinvents an accessory that we all love: the suitcase. It is the world’s first 6-wheeled luggage, self-standing, horizontal and vertical, iby6 guarantees innovative features, but Daard products deliver above all emotional satisfactions in spades.

In addition to the iby6 trolley, the 24two convertible backpack, designed for travel in the metropolitan jungle, is added. With just two simple steps, you can go from a backpack to a shoulder bag and a shoulder bag to a 24-hour bag. Equipped with three separate loading compartments, it allows an optimal organization.

Designer: architect Matteo Astolfi