DISCOVERING is a unique opportunity of visibility and diffusion that Superstudio gives to young emerging talents from all over the world, selected for originality and research, who present one single product or a representative prototype of their creativity, important for trends of the contemporary living.

Brand-new, ready to be disclosed, talents within Discovering that present a spot on eco-friendly project, Diciannove DieciDesign with a prototype of a versatile washstand with many possible uses, customizable by the end users with multiple accessories, Elena Rurua with her sophisticated metal stool, Inthegarden with a luminous separè, obtained from used interlaced aluminium sheets, Mati Collective with a new bags lines that respects nature, ModuDesigners with Turtles multifunctional object for kids and adults, Rafael Kouto with unique-piece jackets with customised prints. Furthermore, rform with the personalized desk that allows you to choose the colors, in recyclable material and shipped in flat-pack. Moreover, Sergio Simon with its first ambitious self-produced collection, Simoncini Studio with its stylised colourful metal modules suitable for any combination and Studio-Oberhauser with a chair made with discarded industrial pieces of wood.