Faina Collection (Ucraina)


FAINA's collection of furniture, lights and accessories fascinates fans of minimalism and admirers of modern interiors – ethno and “timeless”.

Each material radiates ancient energy: clay, willow, linen, felt, wool, solid wood. These are the natural elements of the FAINA furniture and interior accessories collection, which embody the concept of “live design” and allow you to feel the soul of every object.

The modern function and the laconic appearance, the idea that feeds on the voices of the ancestors, the traditional natural materials, the usage of craftsmanship elements are the main characteristics of the FAINA`s concept.

We listened to “eternity” and the voic-es of the earth, we chose materials, we did not look for forms, we “remembered” them, because they are intuitively familiar to everyone,” – says designer Viktoria Yakusha.