Finsa (Spain)

“Astral Bodies”


Hundreds of meteorites of different sizes collide the Earth's surface every year. Since ancient times they have generated admiration and curiosity in equal parts Thousands of years later, these meteorites became the result of the new FINSA´s material research “Fibracolour”, by Enorme Studio. MDF coloured boards covered with the most exuberant colours, textures and finishes have been applied and combined to create this ground breaking project. These celestial bodies have landed in  the most beautiful places of Galicia, origin and epicentre of FINSA, and they will end their journey through space at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2019. An immersive experience will be created through the material and visual impact, this last one created by studio Vitamin- arte. Astral Bodies by Finsa is the product of a joint work around an innovative material, versatile and full of  aesthetic and design possibilities. The Fibracolour will be the key element in an exhibition that will explore the unknown territory of the astral bodies.