What once was a space consigned to intimate use, to be hidden from the sight, has overcome its cultural taboos and has become a place where ritual of wellness, beauty, pampering are celebrated. More than natural, the transformation of this place into a cosy room that accommodates bathroom fixtures and significant furniture, up to actual design “private” icons created by top masters. From this reflection, and from the conceptual abstraction of such awareness, the “Private Icons” exhibition is born, curated by Leonardo Talarico and Giovanni Cappellini, under supervision by Gisella Borioli and graphic contribution by Mario Trimarchi of Studio Fragile. On show at Superstudio Più’s spaces, the exhibition retraces the most important stages of Flaminia’s research in the field of design with an installation of the most significative pieces created by Nendo, Giulio Cappellini, Jasper Morrison, Paola Navone, Patrick Norguet, Roberto Palomba, Fabio Novembre, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hsiang Heng Hsiao and Alessandro Mendini. The projects, selected for their ability to revolutionize aesthetics and habits of the bathroom space, are combined to the sculptural plasticity of art works by Flavio Lucchini. In a continuous formal cross-reference, the artist’s work follow through the interpretation of the projects by Flaminia also in the company’s historical showroom at via Solferino.