Performance and Connectivity for a healthier place to live


Performance, technology, attention to wellbeing and the creation of absolutely innovative experiences and scenarios in the domestic sphere: Hoover “Performance and Connectivity for a healthier place to live”.

It’s  a showcase for the Italian debut of H-ABITAT, a set of three interconnected products designed to take care of the health and well-being of the family in the home environment, perfectly reflecting the values and mission of the brand. H-SCANNER, H-PURIFIER and H-GO, the three smart appliances that make up H-ABITAT, constantly interact with the user through the hOn App, as well as communicating with each other, collecting data on both indoor and outdoor air quality, purifying the home and cleaning household surfaces independently. The second interactive scenario presented by Hoover is linked to the washing sector: once again, the focus will be on the possibilities offered by the Internet Of Things applied to the new H-WASH 550 range, created to guarantee excellent washing results and performance combined with particular attention to wellbeing and clothes sanitization through steam.


“A strong focus on design and a look at the future of our homes are expected from an event like Milan Design Week. This year we will present some of our best-performing and most innovative solutions and products”emphasises Atena Manca, Hoover Brand Manager.“Attention to care and innovation intersect with the potential offered by connectivity for an experience that is every time different but always exciting.”