Idea – The Design Supermarket (Danimarca)

“Idea – The Design Supermarket”


An ironic and amusing exhibition curated by the Danish designer Niklas Jacob, “IDEA – The Design Supermarket” as a tribute to large distribution chains: 18 designers from 6 different nations will exhibit flat-pack projects with a “Do it Youself” assembling, not however the usual objects found in large-scale retail outlets. So here is the assembling spare tyre, the hiding-lovers wardrobe, the pedestal for the egocentric ones, the bookcase for only a favourite book, a dining table for those always on a diet, the cradle that seems a boat, a portable shelter for dogs, the table with interchangeable legs, and many more.

The exhibition is made in collaboration with LifeComunica who did all the photos, Falegnameria Nazzareno Pagnanelli, who did all the prototypes and the company ICA who supplied the coatings that made this project eco-friendly, taking advantage of their BIO product, which is made with renewable materials, that helps to reduce carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thanks to the photosynthesis of the substitutive substances of oil.