E Ink & Ueberall (United States)

“e°FLOW Dynamic Sculpture”                 

e°FLOW is currently the world’s largest 3-dimensional experimental application of e-paper tech­no­logy, created in collaboration between the artist Nik Hafermaas of Ueberall International with the makers of the makers of E Ink Prism™, the eco-friendly low power color changing film similar to the technology used in eReaders around the world

The interactive sculpture uses motion sensing technology to respond to the movement and density of the audience with swift chromatic changes that create startling visual effects normally limited to on-screen computer graphics. The 4.5 Meter long piece shows a wide range of visual behavior triggered by sensor input. From a sleep stage with soft breathing, disrupted by occasional “dreams”, to reflecting the movements of passersby, to dramatic “startle” modes triggered by spectators waving their arms, the sculpture reacts like an elusive deep-sea creature.