Linvisibile (Italy) / Superloft


Superloft is an imaginary yet real home, curated by Giulio Cappellini, with the participation of the most interesting protagonists of the Made in Italy design and the masters craftsmen. An International home that could be placed in Paris as well as in New York in Berlin or Shanghai. A house that combines side-by- side iconic pieces by the most important furniture brands, in a synergy between contemporaneity and vision.


Linvisibile on show at Superloft:

Marechiaro” by  Giulio Cappellini

Linvisibile, historical brand which manufactures high quality products of elevated design 100% made in Italy, is an expert on flush-to-wall doors and closing systems, as the leading and first patented “invisible” system. Its innovative approach to design, together with its technical expertise, bring out very unique design pieces that can’t be classified as just doors but as masterpieces created in collaboration with each architect and designer. For Superloft, Linvisibile joins a selected group of Italian brands under the curating eyes of Giulio Cappellini, all gathered to surprise everyone in an ode to the “Italian Life-style”. A space in which the famous designer interprets the contemporary home, merging together iconic pieces of the most important brands in the industry. The exhibition will include a wide range of Linvisibile products carefully constructed with the designer, who worked with the team to select each platform, adding upon it the finishes and accessories which best suit his design concept, making our “invisible doors” stand out or merge with the walls in a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Cappellini chose a piece of his authorship, designed especially for Linvisibile and for Superloft: Marea Marechiaro Sliding System, a particular door present in all its greatness; (1400 mm x 4 x 2400 mm H), consisting of an anodised dark bronze aluminium frame which contains and supports a new product from our partner Trend-Group, the exclusive Infinity glass, an innovative material which allows to create over it, infinite possibilities of decorations.