Living Divani (Italy) / Superloft


Superloft is an imaginary yet real home, curated by Giulio Cappellini, with the participation of the most interesting protagonists of the Made in Italy design and the masters craftsmen. An International home that could be placed in Paris as well as in New York in Berlin or Shanghai. A house that combines side-by- side iconic pieces by the most important furniture brands, in a synergy between contemporaneity and vision.


From the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the veranda, the different rooms of this international dwelling propose a continuum of Living Divani’ proposals.

Fluid and dynamic shapes for Rod Bean by Piero Lissoni, a sofa that with its curves and the double depth of its cushions, becomes a fundamental presence in the living area. Evanescent and with a strong visual impact, the glossy lacquered red Era coffee tables are combined with the Lipp velvet armchairs, precious cocoonings which envelop in a refined covering with diamond-shaped quilting, making the living more engaging. Two Carbon Frog are located in the passage area that leads to the fitness area: light and essential armchairs that evoke summer atmospheres. The enveloping lines of Confident, here proposed in olive velvet, complete the setting.

In the bedroom, the focus is on the accessories: Tonbo, a coat-hanger by Junpei & Iori Tamaki, a sculptural like furniture characterized by visual purity, the enchanting Galileo mirror, a type of pendulum, ready to oscillate to reflect the world in its many facets, accompanied by a white painted Family Chair with a remarkable magnified optical effect.

In the passage toward the outdoor area two Sale are presented: slender and sophisticated daybeds with a reclining backrest.

Finally, the outdoor is designed to give freshness and youth to the loft. Ideal for this purpose, the choice of the Flow rocking chair which hauls under the sun of the Californian beaches, combined with the soft and transgressive lines of Bubble Rock, a sofa with an unconventional look, here proposed in a cherry-colour version. The black tables of the Rabbit & the Tortoise Collection create exhilarating and poetic support stations.

The overall presentation shows a wide-ranging environment that narrates the pleasure of living in cozy spaces, either in domestic and outdoor areas.