LLAB Luigi Lovato Astonishing Beauty  (Italy)


Our history dates back to 1970 , when hands were the only mean used to create furniture that had to last a lifetime. Since the beginning, our transparent and honest approach to people, have qualified us as a reliable, serious and proactive partner for the development of products having a high content of craftsmanship and quality. Today we look beyond. Our passionate search to interpret the needs of contemporary living in a way that is original and unique, is the driving force of today’s production. Our aim is to leave a sign in design , where still people, ideas and material matter. Today we see the beauty of it.


Matter is our universe. Wood is our material. Wood is our know-how, a privileged relationship that we have conquered in 40 years of carving. Wood is a noble matter offered by Mother Nature and responsibly shaped by our hands. Today our experience embraces other materials and finishes, in order to respond to a broader concept of style. The will to shape our own environment has always been inherent in humans. We experiment and elaborate new forms and new languages. In this way we have constantly evolved over time. Our approach to design seeks new and inedited forms of expression. The simplicity and concreteness of wood features new languages and tactile experiences, if accompanied with different finishes. Metal, stone, plaster frame the wood and alter the perception we have of its immutable solidity.


The driving forces behind The New Furniture Collection are two brothers, Marco and Stefano Lovato, whose will and vision were translated into design by Luca Ferreccio, designer and university professor. An art direction project that started with the repositioning of the brand, resulted in the development of a new consistent brand, LLAB and translated into a new line of furniture. The first collection of furniture comes from a careful research of some iconic XX century signs in architecture and art, re-interpreted in an original and unique way. The outcome is a one-of-kind collection of modern furniture, all made of wood, featuring soft shapes framed by specially designed finishes. The clean but strong shape of each piece results from a high level of craftmanship and a serious care for each manufacturing detail. Form and function are perfectly balanced to highlight a new concept of contemporary living. This is the design that represents us, these are our values.