Meisterwerke (Belgium) / Superloft


Superloft is an imaginary yet real home, curated by Giulio Cappellini, with the participation of the most interesting protagonists of the Made in Italy design and the masters craftsmen. An International home that could be placed in Paris as well as in New York in Berlin or Shanghai. A house that combines side-by- side iconic pieces by the most important furniture brands, in a synergy between contemporaneity and vision.


Meisterwerke on show at Superloft:

Le Femmes de Delft

After their striking presence in January, with their collection called “The Historian“, Meisterwerke’s collection can be admired during the Milano Design Week 2018. Their presentation with sound absorbent works of art is bound to be an eye-catcher. The previous noble men and women with sleeve tattoos are accompanied by “Les Femmes de Delft“. One woman, two personalities. Two portraits showing a similar brunette each with their own energy. One lady with immaculate beauty, symbolises supreme elegance and grace. The other lady, in a twisted position with dreadlocks and striking earrings characterizes a tough personality, someone who likes to colour outside the lines. One of the ladies is adorned with a tattoo in traditional Delft blue. Both portraits symbolise different sides of a woman and, in their own way, impressive strength. For this collection, Meisterwerk used a visual weaving technique again, combined with modern embroidery for the tattoos. Their first collection, “The Historian” is also going to be present. In January, these medieval portraits of noble men and women with a brightly coloured embroidered sleeve tattoo surprised many visitors.

Both collections have the same dimensions with a modular design. They could serve as a sound absorbent room divider or as a wall panel, standing in a mounting plate or hanging on the wall.