NJ Interiors (Italy)


Archetipi. Door handles, refined furniture knobs and hand-drawn wallpaper evoke the archetypal shapes of ancient civilizations. This appealing multicultural blend combines pre-Colombian Inca designs with Egyptian architecture and patterns borrowed from Berber textiles. 100% made in Italy, each creation is the result of a precise balance of design, select materials and artisanal techniques. NJ Interiors has a radically new vision of what are, essentially, common household objects. The door handle goes from being a discreet, functional object to having a strong and decisive decorative presence – thanks to an original mix of color, workmanship and shape.


The studio’s Archetipi exhibition features Prisma, a door handle which is part of the permanent collection at the MOOD Museum of Design in Como. Drawing on ancient Egyptian civilization, its fluid and organic grip reveals an indented, stepped pyramid inspired by the majestic constructions of this ancient land. The overall effect balances airy lines with architectural precision. Prisma is an aluminum-cast handle destined to take center stage in any setting thanks to its original finish and color. The gold leaf version relies on the particularly delicate and refined workmanship of skilled Florentine craftsmen. The Prisma Rainbow Collection features seven color variations, from yellow to sky blue and burgundy, all of which serve to enhance the handle’s aesthetic and decorative value. These handles are hand-painted with ultra-resistant paints typically used in the luxury car sector. NJ Interiors adopts a decorative and tactile approach to the design of their furniture knobs, which become spectacular key design features in any space. These authentic micro-sculptures are hand-made by select artistic foundries in Florence, where skilled artisans pass the art of lost-wax casting in bronze and brass from one generation to the next. This centuries-old technique is still used today for sculpture and jewellery making.

The Inca model that features in the Archetipi exhibition recaptures the geometric purity of pre-Colombian art. The Incas favoured extremely concise decorations, which NJ Interiors reinterpret here in an ultra-contemporary style. Different versions are available, with a hand-crafted satin finish that enhances the natural beauty of brass, alongside artisanal acid-etching that lends green or black tones to the metal.

The symbolic language of the traditional carpets woven by North African desert tribes emerge on the studio’s Berbera wallpaper. The silent and fascinating geometrical shapes of the original pencil drawings by illustrator, Isabella Grott, come together to create refined scenic designs. Hand-drawn motifs are digitized and printed either on paper, or PVC for public spaces and the hospitality sector.