The Superdesign Show at Design Week 2021 will feature a new theme area focusing on outdoor living, designed by Basaglia + Rota Nodari with Donatella Bollani’s scientific and organisational support.


The latest research has confirmed that we are an indoor generation, spending 90% of our time indoors: that’s more than twenty hours a day!
The result is a new “Outdoor Generation” that wants to live in homes and urban spaces without boundaries, using versatile systems that can be configured in response to changes in the season and in our lifestyles, combining the functions and uses of furnishings in new ways.


The installation is all about this new way of living in open-air spaces, from our own gardens to public parks, inspired by the outdoor furnishings traditionally associated with beach resorts. The Picasso Beach sun umbrella and Marinella and Regista chairs made by Ombrellificio Magnani are archetypes of beach furniture, made of 100% recyclable aluminium using latest-generation textile technologies and 100% Italian materials.
This landscape of memory is set up with theme areas suggesting the greatest possible variety of contemporary, comfortable ways of living in the city. Such as URBANTIME's 0.15 and H.24 chaise longues, Moontable and Picnic H.24 tables, and Busy and Panca 0.15 seats, which can be used in a great variety of different ways to offer new solutions for outdoor living and are also perfect for places intended for young people and communities.
We like to rest, study and work outdoors, but also to exercise and play games. Carefree play is the theme of the area set up by FAS Pendezza, where we can play table soccer – with the latest generation Apollo 20, Ciclope Capri and Cross Outdoor models – or ping-pong with Grasshopper, an outdoor ping-pong table easily convertible into a dining table.


Superstudio Più’s Art Garden will also host HEALTHY, a little building designed by Massimiliano Mandarini which experiments with biophilic design: a place where nature, technology and the activities that take place in the construction generate places that are creative and sustainable for both people and the environment.

Design, and the outdoors, will be the key themes of the food available at the event, too. Taste of Milano will be serving 100% Italian-made mini hamburgers, 9 Luppoli American IPA beer by Angelo Porretti and a new cocktail called “Taste Outdoor menu”, as well as the latest new aperitif from Martini Fiero. Nescafè will have a Neskiosk set up in the garden where visitors can sample the brand's countless varieties of coffee.

This will be the first edition of OUTDOOR GENERATION®, an event that will keep us up to date on what is going on en plain air in our homes and cities.



Curated by Donatela Bollani in collaboration with Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari.