Sandro Fabbri (Italy)

“Sign and design”

The calligraphic mark for words of design, design seen though the drawing. This is the contribute of the artist-illustrator called to illustrate the White Pages that talk about tomorrow’s habitat. Sketches, thoughts, phrases that highlight the prevailing theme of this edition of SuperDesign project at Superstudio Più and that we find again in the drawings of these pages. Originally from Tuscany, educated in Florentine (Fine Arts Academy) honorary Milanese, Sandro Fabbri has collaborated with the main Italian publishing companies and with Italian and International brands, with particular focus on fashion and design. His art-book “Ordinary People” won the Italian Art Director’s Club Gold Award and the International Crest Award. He is progressing his artistic path with solo exhibitions and at the same time, working at the publishing of the art-book “A Secret Adagio”.