SELECTED OBJECTS is the successful section dedicated to small innovative companies and individual iconic objects in the running to stay in the design annals. Freely selected by Superstudio’s artistic board, every “prêt-à-vivre” design objects are on show in a large collective exhibition that highlights new aesthetics, research, innovation, a result of a team work, of a young designer, a new company, a consolidated brand.

So here comes Barcelona Rugs, that recall the Spanish city; Daard, travelling suitcases and bags; Delirious Eyewear, collection of glasses made of unusual materials; Extroverso, furniture with graphic effects in collaboration with Japanese designers; Faina Collection, furniture and accessories made of natural etno-chic materials; Hamad Sultan, modular shelving system, changeable with a simple gesture; High tech +, 3D printers for the creation of sophisticated design projects; LLAB Luigi Lovato Astonish Beauty, first collection of furniture inspired by art work by Serra, Arp and Brancusi; Matteo Pala with its original knotted carpets that talk about animals and nature; NJ Interiors, multicultural structures for design handles and knobs; Sapiens Design, vases and lamps that change function according to elements’ position; Size M, transformable wardrobe for kids.