Size M (Taiwan)


Size M design studio is founded by the designer couple Marco Guariglia and Jui-Ju Lin. “Size M” means “Size Marco”, which points out how good Marco's design is at redefining the size of space and furniture.
“Size M” does not only interior and furniture design but also lamp and kitchenware design. The creations of this brand, born from different combine materials. And if possible, cooperate with renowned international companies specialized in the industry. Nominated by many international awards, also raises attention from many design media.


When technology is integrated into furniture, especially for children, Marco places more emphasis on technology that should make parent-child interaction more intimate rather than locking children in a cold digital product. Marco choose E Ink's ePaper attached to the surface of the closet for this reason. Besides, power-saving is one of the best feature of ePaper. Power consumption only needed when the pattern gets changed. ePaper has wide diversity of products could fit in different needs of the consumer, such as cute style patterns or photo uploading. As a result, the designer consider ePaper the gentle way to introduce technology to kids.


I LOVE CLOSET is a present Marco designed for his daughter after she said “Daddy, I don’t want my closet is just a closet. I want to play with it.” She even named this closet to show how much she like when seeing it. The designer wants to create something special for kids to remember in their childhood even after growing up. This closet leaves children imagination to create the atmosphere they want. It’s easy for any kid to manage his or her playing time with the closet. They can transform the closet to play inside, can do coloring, and can arrange their clothes with it. Furthermore, with the combination to ePaper, the closet turns to be educational. With App, parents can control the pattern on closet and how long it will stay, to let kids know what they should do during the period of time. Kids can also be trained to be aware of the length of time, to distinguish 5 minutes to 30 minutes.