theGIFER is the first international festival dedicated to GIF art, a new artistic practice characterized by the production of works in GIF format: a phenomenon that involves artists from all over the world. For SUPERDESIGN SHOW will be presented a selection of gifs from the first edition of the festival (Turin, 2-6 November 2016), attended by over 100 artists from 30 countries. Works by: Al Boardman, Dax Norman, Daiana Ruiz, Hexeosis, Jeremy McKeehen, Ross McCampbell, Mike Plews, Sarah Zucker, Lorenz Wunderle, Polina Kuznetsova, Toyoya Li, Grande Dame, Victor Doval, PostWeb, Tyson Parks, Nicola Gastaldi, Gustavo Daher, Nicolas Matelot, _blank, Miron Art, Alice Palamenghi, Rafahu, Sabato Visconti, Ailadi, Bill Tavis, OKKULT Motion Pictures.