Unreal but real


Unreal but real” is the unreal but real exhibition, to see only through your smartphone or tablet. The immaterial Toys by Flavio Lucchini, large sculptures of overlapped cubes like huge colourful toys, punctuate the whole path of Supedesign Show. Sculptures are photographed with the inevitable smartphone and are immortalized forever, but in reality they don’t exist as the space remains empty: they are born as small real maquettes designed by the artist but they transform themselves into unreal monuments through the technology of Sense – immaterial Reality.

All you need to do is download the app, identify outside or inside of Superstudio the art-markers that indicate the points where the art works are located. Therefore frame the surface indicated by the art-markers. A sculpture by Flavio Lucchini will appear. To admire, examine in details, walk around it, photograph it, take a selfie with it and, of course, share it on socials.